Only 5% of Visitors Hike Yellowstone??


Most people go to Yellowstone and just stay in their car. According to a ranger in Yellowstone, only 5% of people hike more than a quarter mile from the road. My Girl Scout Troop, Troop 5133,  spent 3 years selling cookies to make it to Yellowstone. Finally in June we reached our goal. We were on our way, and we wanted to be part of that 5%.

Almost every day we were in Yellowstone we hiked. When we drove to The Tetons we hiked. The only days we didn’t hike were when we flew in to Salt Lake City, when we drove to Yellowstone, and when we flew home.

Our biggest accomplishment was when we hiked Mount Washburn. It was named after Henry Washburn, the Surveyor General of the Montana Territory. It is a respectable 5.5 miles round trip with an elevation gain of  1380 feet. This hike took us around 4 hours. On the way up we saw snow and had a snowball fight, and even built a snowman. The best part of the hike was seeing the beautiful wildflowers and bighorn sheep. When we summited, the views were stunning and too good to describe. It is described as having the best view of Yellowstone and the summit has a telescope to see the wonders of the park. It even has a recording book you can put your names in to show you hiked it. If you ever hike it, look for Troop 5133 in the book!


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Yellowstone Recommendations From Troop 5133

  • Mount Washburn!
  • Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone: This is a amazing exhibit of rescued wolves and bears, up close.
  • Firehole River is the best place to go to if you want to cool down by swimming in a river, heated by thermal features. Don’t worry, its not that hot!
  • A good dessert for after dinner or anytime is huckleberry ice cream. It is a very appetizing flavor that you can only get in Yellowstone
  • Uncle Tom’s Trail is another good hike to do. It takes you down many sets of stairs to a cliff in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. There is a waterfall you will never forget.
  • The wildlife in Yellowstone are amazing! Get up early and travel to Lamar Valley to see animals like wolf cubs, bison, elk and bears, as we did on the trip!
  • Take a day trip to Grand Teton National Park, even more beautiful than Yellowstone!

Don’t forget the souvenirs and huckleberries!!

About The Author

Camille Lindsay is a proud Scout of Troop 5133. She loves going on outings and hikes with them. She just finished camping and rock climbing in Joshua Tree with the troop and is excited for her Girl Scout summer trip to Crater Lake next summer.


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