Welcome to A-List Girl!

Hi! My name is Camille L., one of the reporters for A-List Girl! On this site we will be interviewing girls who have done amazing things. We are calling it A-List Girl because the people we are interviewing are top GIRLS who are Adventurers, Artists, Academics, and Athletes.

We made this site because we want to show girls that they can be anything they want. Instead of feeling bad about yourself, you can show the world what you are good at.

No girl should think she is too overweight to play soccer, or she can’t swim because her hair will get wet or her suit will make her butt look big. They should especially not quit because a boy is saying you cannot do it. Girls should not be held back by anything! They can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

We girls must stick together! We need to show the world we can do it. That is why we need girl reporters to help write and girls who are willing to be featured on this amazing site. Go to the “Contact” page to let us know if you’re interested in helping the cause! Help girls become anything they want!



Camille L. is at 6th grade in Long Beach, CA. She enjoys running and was proud to win All-American honors at the National Junior Olympics this year. She also likes swimming, school and reading. Her favorite thing to do with her family of five is horseback riding and skiing. She has big plans ahead of her and hopes to go to Harvard Law School.




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